Sunday, September 27, 2020


Tax Dollars Wasted

Why would the hard-working citizens of Madison chose to have their tax dollars wasted on a referendum that is scheduled to take place in October when there are three other dates to choose from that are already set?

The Board of Selectmen met on Feb. 24 to discuss and vote on a referendum date for Academy School to be a community center. Unfortunately this item was never placed on the agenda, so fellow townspeople didn’t know about it and therefor did not attend the meeting. The vote for the community center referendum in October passed 3 (Democrats) to 1 and 1 abstention (both Republicans).

I am fiercely against having this referendum during the October date because it will put an additional cost on the taxpayers to hold a separate referendum. This referendum should either be in April during the presidential primary, in May for the budget referendum, or in November during the presidential election. How much more money would our selectmen like us to spend on having separate referenda when others are already in place?

I challenge any of the three selectmen who voted in favor of this separate and costly referendum to either pay for it themselves out of their own pockets or answer this letter with a clear explanation as to why we must have a different date for the Academy School referendum and why the other three dates will not work for this referendum.

Cathy McGrady