Sunday, September 20, 2020


Creating a Destination

Turnout at last week’s Clinton Planning & Zoning public hearing was disappointing, but the few of us in attendance were treated to a wonderful presentation of the current plan for the old Morgan property. The project’s been scaled down to just a half dozen commercial buildings fronting Route 81 with entrances from the rear, all with distinct historic architectural design, that should enhance the streetscape. Just as interesting is the list of expected tenants including a “high end” supermarket, a “high end” drive-through coffee shop, a bank, a clothier, and a popular sit-down restaurant.

After much study, the developer decided not to pursue residential units at all. The potential hotel previously planned for the front of the property has now been moved to the complete rear, improving the sightline in my opinion. The developer hopes to begin demolition of the old school building this summer. That’s expected to take around 90 days.

I believe this plan is far superior to anything previously proposed for the property. It should result in tremendous tax revenue for the town, while complementing Clinton Crossing and creating a destination that should draw more shoppers to Clinton. I encourage your readers to support this attractive, viable project.

The vague and questionable brewery/soccer field application was predictably withdrawn, however a plan to build a three-story apartment building alongside the John Street neighborhood is still being pursued. An attorney representing a concerned neighbor addressed the traffic impact on the neighborhood and proposed a rerouting of traffic. That remains to be seen. The question still remaining is why Unilever sold property appraised at $4 million for a mere $100,000. It’s been suggested there’s more to that deal than meets the eye. Perhaps the Harbor News could contact Unilever and provide an answer.

Vincent Cimino