Sunday, September 20, 2020


An Impeccable Job

I attended the performance by North Haven High School students of Phantom of the Opera, and once again, they never fail to disappoint. From the lead roles to the stagehands, every single student did an impeccable job at his or her task and showed the audience what a fine group of young adults we are proud to call our own.

I can’t imagine the hours that went into rehearsing this production and they all did it perfectly. There was not a sour note or a missed word and I watched much of the show with tear-filled eyes. The voices of these students made me feel as though I were at a show In the middle of the theater district in New York City. The orchestra that accompanied the performers only enhanced the enjoyment of the show and the quality of their performance.

It was truly a night I will soon not forget.

Donna Rizzo
North Haven