Tuesday, August 03, 2021


Robyn Will Be Missed

I just learned Robyn Wolcott will no longer be leading the professional Shore Publishing team as she’s about to change careers. Wow, what are we all going to do now? I know it’s selfish to think this way, but Robyn and her staff have been wonderful supporters (Beacons) of our shoreline community for so long.

Who’s going to take Robyn’s spot? Will this new person have a relationship with the community like Robyn has? Will they be open to discussing ideas for mutual benefit? I have so many questions as I am sure so many others do.

I thank Robyn for her leadership. She and her community engagement will be missed. Whoever takes over for her in this publisher role will have huge shoes to fill. I wish her happiness and success in her new career!

Ken Engelman

Editor’s note: Associate Publisher Louvenia Brandt has joined Shore Publishing/Zip06.com, taking on many of the roles and responsibilities previously held by Publisher Robyn Wolcott.