Sunday, September 27, 2020


Hartford-Style Politics

It was disappointing to see Hartford-style politics play out at the recent Madison Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting. At the last minute, an agenda item for the timing of the referendum vote for one of the most significant bonding issues the town has ever faced (approximately $130 million for schools and Academy) was introduced and voted on. This was despite at least one selectman left unaware of the agenda item until the meeting and despite previous promises of giving important issues appropriate consideration and limited input from the community.

This decision to add a fourth voting event for the year, and ensure it has a lower turnout by separating it from the general election (held less than one month later) also flies in the face of working to maximize the number of Madison voices heard on the future of our town.

It is unacceptable for our BOS to make major decisions in this manner and insulting for it to believe the electorate cannot properly consider candidates and spending issues on the same ballot.

Anthony Doina