Sunday, September 20, 2020


Above and Beyond

No good deed should go unnoticed! On Jan. 18, my husband and I were coming home from having a family gathering in Massachusetts. Because of the snow and ice storm, our trip home was much longer than normally would have been. We arrived home around midnight and found icy conditions here in Old Saybrook.

My husband uses a walker for support after having 10 back surgeries due to degenerative disc disease. As we were walking through the snow and ice to our back door, an Old Saybrook police officer was driving down our street on a usual neighborhood check, I assume. The officer saw we were walking very carefully in the snow. He turned the cruiser around and shined the spot light on our property so we could see better. He asked if everything was OK and if we needed any help.

He ended up carrying our packages from our car and brought them into our house for us and he shoveled our back steps and sidewalk.

[Patrolman] Solomon [Hardy] went above and beyond his duties to help us out and his good deeds should be commended. Thank you, Solomon! We appreciate the help and concern he gave us. He was at the right place at the right time and we were the lucky ones to receive his kindness.

Catherine Dangona
Old Saybrook