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12/18/2019 07:00 AM

Disrespect and Discourtesy

I’m disappointed how the leadership of Deep River handled my removal from the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC). I was dismayed by their disrespect and discourtesy after years of volunteering on PZC. I wasn’t renominated at the end of my term. I learned this when my name wasn’t on the list of the agenda for the selectmen’s meeting. I volunteered for almost 20 years but wasn’t granted the courtesy of a phone call from our first selectmen, Angus McDonald. When I questioned him, I received an email and letter stating three reasons for his decision.

One reason was that I had one letter of complaint sent to Town Hall. I wasn’t shown this letter for almost six months. My response is on file at Town Hall.

The second reason given was that I was requested to recuse myself on an upcoming application to PZC and refused. After consulting my attorney, who questioned me about my ability to judge the application without prejudice, I decided not to recuse myself as I didn’t feel prejudiced against the applicant. At that meeting, I made the motion to approve the application and voted in favor.

Third, at a PZC public hearing about floating zones, I made a statement saying that I didn’t feel they belong in town. I spoke after the residents finished making comments; none were in favor of floating zones. After speaking, I abstained from voting.

The date and time of the town meeting to ratify the selectmen’s list of appointments for PZC hasn’t been announced. Residents at this meeting have the ability to accept or reject any names on this list. If a majority of attendees reject one or more candidates on that list, they won’t be appointed.

Residents should know I’ll always be willing to volunteer to serve Deep River.

Jane Samuels

Deep River