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12/18/2019 07:00 AM

All That Matters

After the Dec. 10 Board of Selectmen meeting, I ask if First Selectman Angus McDonald is a servant to the taxpayers or dictator. He’s not unlike the former zoning enforcement officer Cathie Jefferson, who, after resigning her position, now wants to return and be seated as an alternate on the Planning & Zoning Commission and is fully and forcefully being endorsed by McDonald.

McDonald is rude and opinionated, and what he wants is all that matters. He became first selectman after the passing of Richard Smith (he inherited the position). His business and personal agenda should have precluded him from the first selectman position in the first place.

Why does he continue to push for the ZEO to return? Preferential treatment for his own businesses. Jefferson was praised for saving the town from unnecessary lawsuits. This is inaccurate. She actually caused thousands of taxpayer dollars in suits. Who needs her back? Not Deep River, only a few of her associates. I encourage your readers to vote to keep her out at the next appointment meeting.

Ronald Prisley

Deep River