Saturday, July 24, 2021


A Beautiful And Welcoming Presence

Trinity Church’s very visible renovation project, wonderfully chronicled in Pam Johnson’s June 6 article “Work Underway at Branford’s Historic Trinity Church,” encountered an unexpected challenge this fall. The two sill beams that run under the sides of the church building were found to be severely compromised by time, water, and termites.

Because Branford is a small town, speculation concerning the situation quickly made the rounds. I write today to report that the replacement of the beams is underway by the excellent crew from Munger Construction and will not in any way affect the completion of this renovation project. There is, of course, added cost and we are addressing that quite successfully. Our children wondered if we would have a GoFundMe campaign. We just might!

In the meantime, we are truly grateful that this serious condition was discovered and can be fixed so that Trinity Church will continue to be a beautiful and welcoming presence on our Town Green.

Rev. Sharon Gracen
Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church