Friday, September 25, 2020


Uphold the Values

My name is Jacqueline Prast and I’m a candidate for the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). I sincerely appreciate the ability to serve my greater community and to additionally uphold the values that make the town of Old Saybrook special.

My journey with ZBA began organically as an alternate, and thereafter, an appointed member. I believe I am a good listener who approaches each application in an unbiased and even-handed manner. To name a few of the many responsibilities of a ZBA board member, which I take very seriously, I attend each monthly meeting prepared and organized, ask questions, evaluate the presented variance request, determine if a hardship exists and the hardship is unique to the physical structure of the property, and render a thoughtful decision. I also participate in ongoing educational seminars and meetings.

Old Saybrook is known for its charm, quaintness, and seaside beach neighborhood associations. I am always mindful of the importance of the zoning laws and regulations that are established to maintain the safety, community, harmony, and character of the town we love, and share with our family, friends, and visitors.

Our family moved here in 2011. I am a proud parent whose children graduated from Old Saybrook High School and continued their education at Seton Hall University and NYU Shanghai, respectively.

Old Saybrook has so much to offer. Perhaps it’s enjoying an evening at The Kate, a beautiful sunset at Harvey’s Beach, or knowing your child is getting a great education. I am constantly reminded of the bright future of Old Saybrook. I encourage your readers to kindly take the time to vote on Nov. 5 and to vote for First Selectman Carl Fortuna, Selectman Scott Giegerich, Treasurer Bob Fish, and the entire Republican party.

Jacqueline Prast
Old Saybrook

Republican Jacqueline Prast is seeking a seat on the Zoning Board of Appeals.