Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Truly Non-Partisan

I write in support of the Branford 2nd District Democratic candidates for the Representative Town Meeting (RTM): DeeDee Hakun and Peter Hentschel. DeeDee and Peter are truly non-partisan candidates, dedicated to improving the lives of all Branford residents.

Peter has served admirably on the RTM for six years. On the Rules and Ordinances Committee, he helped pass the plastic bag ban, the fracking waste ban, and boating ordinance modifications, and is working on an enforcement ordinance initiative.

DeeDee Hakun is a dedicated community activist, supporting the Stony Creek community and the rest of Branford. She has been the assistant registrar of voters in the 2nd District since 2008. She is a long-standing supporter of the arts (and an artist, herself) in Branford and at the Guilford Art Center.

Peter and DeeDee share a vision of Branford as a model sustainable community. They are members of Branford’s Coastal Vulnerability Working Group (soon to be formally established by the Board of Selectmen). They are working with an ad hoc group of Stony Creek residents to establish an emergency access route in the village in times of extreme weather events. As an experienced architect, Peter has in-depth knowledge of environmental and planning issues, making him an expert in guiding the Town of Branford toward responsible development and coastal resilience.

I encourage your readers to join me in voting for these two exceptional candidates.

Connie M. Drysdale