Saturday, July 24, 2021


Talented, Experienced People

The Town of Old Saybrook uses a selectman/town meeting form of government, in which the citizens’ town meeting acts as the legislative body and the boards of Selectmen and Finance are the crucial government entities making administrative and financial decisions and setting policy.

The boards of Selectmen and Finance have done an excellent job of improving the town’s financial condition, providing the services needed by citizens and making Old Saybrook a wonderful place to live, work, and play, all while holding the mill rate below 20, one of the lowest tax rates in the state.

Members of these boards are talented, experienced people. Our vice chairman of the Board of Finance, Carol Rzasa, and Tom Stevenson certainly deserve to be re-elected. In addition, we have a new man with the appropriate background and experience, Rick Swan, who also should be elected.

And, of course, our Republican Board of Selectmen members, Carl Fortuna and Scott Giegerich, should be re-elected as our successful management team.

Treasurer Bob Fish (R)
Old Saybrook

Bob Fish is seeking re-election in November.