Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Strong Bipartisan Spirit

I am proud to endorse the candidacy of Mike Ayles, my good friend and valued colleague for re-election to the Board of Finance. Having served alongside Mike for 12 years, I have witnessed his steadfast commitment to assuring and maintaining the financial health of our community and the best interests of all of Guilford’s residents.

I am especially pleased with Mike’s leadership of our board over the past two years and the strong bipartisan spirit he has fostered in securing near-unanimous actions that have won the approval of the vast majority of our neighbors. Mike has an active and open mind that is receptive to new ideas. A true son of Guilford, he has a keen sense of our town’s special character and will continue to act in its best interests. It is my special pleasure to encourage your readers’ support of Mike Ayles for another term on the Board of Finance.

Ken Gamerman

Democrat Ken Gamerman serves on the Board of Finance.