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10/30/2019 08:00 AM

Stable, Knowledgeable Leadership

I moved back to the area six years ago. Before we decided where to move, my husband and I brainstormed what we wanted in a community, and we found that we had a few non-negotiables: strong schools, both in terms of academic programs and in creating a positive school culture; a balanced budget that allows the town to meet the needs of its residents and maintain its infrastructure; and a strong economy, where we can make a living and support our family.

Deep River was in the middle of several revitalization projects at the time, and we were impressed with what we saw. The downtown area had a wide variety of independent shops, restaurants, and other businesses. The sidewalks and lighting had just been improved. John Winthrop Middle School had won a major award for its success in building community within the school. Six years later, I know that we made the right choice. Strong, progressive leadership has allowed for continued growth while keeping the elements of small town life that are so appealing—plenty of green space, knowing our neighbors, and living someplace where folks care enough to help each other out in times of need.

As a community volunteer, I’ve worked with Angus McDonald several times since he stepped into the role of first selectman. He’s the right choice to continue to carry Deep River forward as a thriving small town. He has consistently been prompt and clear in communication, he has a solid understanding of the needs of the town and how to achieve those goals, and he has been successful in managing the budget at a time when small towns across the country are struggling. Stable, knowledgeable leadership is what Deep River needs, and I’m glad to have such a qualified candidate for first selectman.

Sarah Herrick

Deep River