Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Sending a Message

On Nov. 5, Madison has an important election. Turnout in municipal elections traditionally isn’t as robust as other elections, but I would argue this election has a pronounced influence on our day to day life, our children’s education, our downtown, our taxes, and our property values—matters vital to our quality of life!

I have faith that your readers appreciate our local administration’s efforts to balance spending and keep property taxes steady in the face of decreasing funds being returned to us from Hartford.

I am so pleased with our candidates who have stepped forward to run for office and serve our town. Our slate includes experienced leaders like Bruce Wilson for Board of Selectmen and former first selectman Fillmore McPherson stepping forward to serve on our Board of Finance. We are delighted to have political newcomers Erin Duques and Justin Murphy, who bring fresh outlooks to balance out our team. They represent love of community and professionalism. Each is ready to stand strong against the overreach of our state government.

This election has everything to do with sending a message that Hartford needs to leave well-run towns like Madison alone!

Amy Stefanowski

Amy Stefanowski chairs the Republican Town Committee.