Saturday, September 26, 2020


Safeguarding the Citizens

It is my great pleasure and honor to have served as a North Haven fire commissioner for 24 years. The purpose of my service has been to provide the most current protection for the firefighters who unselfishly risk their lives to protect us.

The intention of soliciting donations from local businesses is to provide apparatus and life-saving equipment for the benefit of all of us while easing the taxpayer burden.

I encourage your readers to vote on Nov. 5. Their vote will enable me to continue my mission of safeguarding the North Haven citizens, as well as people who travel through our wonderful town,

I encourage your readers to remember to bubble in 17C and print “Peter C” or “Peter Criscuolo” on the space below the bubble.

Peter Criscuolo
North Haven

Democrat Peter Criscuolo is seeking re-election to the board of Police Commissioners as a write-in candidate.