Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Professional Knowledge and Experience

On Nov. 5, Westbrook residents have the opportunity to reelect Sally Greaves, vice chair, to our Board of Education. Sally is a lifelong Westbrook resident and parent of two successful Westbrook Public School students. She is a local small business owner whose professional knowledge of child welfare and experience on the Westbrook Board of Education make her the exceptional candidate.

Sally’s advocacy for the continuing success of the Westbrook Public Schools is clear. Sally is regularly in our schools to experience its successes firsthand. Sally talks to those involved about what’s important. At budget time, Sally ensures that school resources are sufficient, yet that the budget remains responsible to taxpayers. Sally understands the importance of collaborative cost sharing with neighboring regions and districts.

Sally’s commitment to responsibly building the capacity of our district and ensuring the quality of what our small town schools offer contributes to what I appreciate as a resident and educator in Westbrook. I will vote for Sally to work hard for the continued quality of our public schools; I encourage your readers to do the same.

MaryJo Noonan