Thursday, January 27, 2022


Our Common Goals

Since announcing my candidacy for first selectman of Madison, I’ve had the honor to meet many wonderful people and listen to their history, suggestions, and concerns. Across the board, people recognize that Madison offers a complete package of opportunities at a fair price: excellent schools, spectacular natural beauty, and a thriving New England community. Like my husband David and I, many chose to return here to start their families. We all agree our beloved town has so much to offer, yet our citizens are increasingly concerned about the viability of Madison’s future. As an active volunteer in town government and busy mom of two children in our schools, I’ve seen the ways in which our town excels, and, unfortunately, where it has fallen short. With a long, wide-ranging career in corporate finance, I recognize best practices of successful organizations and know Madison can do better.

As first selectman, I want to improve our government by working collaboratively with others to solve problems. This includes developing a cost-effective strategic plan that is action oriented and reflects changing demographics, while protecting Madison’s crown jewels: our schools and beaches. In order to be successful, we must keep Madison affordable for young families and seniors alike. This starts by diversifying our tax base with meaningful economic development and working more closely with our neighbors to share costs. We also need to rein in expenses by running town operations more wisely and efficiently. This includes rebuilding public trust in government with greater accountability and transparency, and focusing on our common goals rather than on what divides us.

With these initiatives, combined with my professional skills and experience, I hope to protect Madison’s reputation as a premier community and move us forward. I humbly ask for your readers’ votes on Nov. 5th for first selectman.

Peggy Lyons

Democrat Peggy Lyons is running for first selectman.