Sunday, September 20, 2020


Necessary Experience and Knowledge

I am writing in support of Andrew Gardner running as an Alternate for Chester’s Board of Finance (BOF). Andrew will be a welcome addition to the BOF due to his extensive financial background as an independent financial planner, wealth manager, and accredited investment fiduciary. I know he will be a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and balanced municipal budgeting.

Andrew is dedicated to our community and our town’s fiscal health. He understands the issues and challenges Chester faces, and has extensive knowledge of budgets. He knows the questions to ask and how to manage. He has already proven he will be an active participant and will take the time to be fully informed on the issues at hand, as he has attended BOF meetings prior to becoming a candidate to serve on the BOF. We need new, experienced, and knowledgeable voices and Andrew fits the bill.

Andrew is currently the treasurer of Chester Rotary and has a B.A. from UConn. I encourage your readers to vote on Nov. 5th for Andrew Gardner for the BOF Alternate position. He has the necessary experience and knowledge and will be a fresh voice on this critical board that impacts all of us.

Cindy Lignar