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10/30/2019 08:00 AM

Intelligent and Insightful

We are writing to support Cathy Iino for first selectman of Killingworth. During the 32 years we have lived in Killingworth, we have each been involved in leadership positions for many local volunteer organizations. In these roles, we have seen Cathy’s leadership and work ethic firsthand.

Cathy gives her full attention to the job of first selectman, and she has also shown her willingness to put in long hours to accomplish the tasks that are not only a necessary part of the job, but are also the ones that will save our town money or make it a better place to live. She has actively pursued grant applications for town organizations such as the library. She asks intelligent and insightful questions at meetings, and follows through on tasks.

The value of her giving the town’s needs her full attention and of her experience and intellect cannot be equaled. Killingworth has improved under her leadership, and it will be even better under her continued guidance.

Jan and Dan O’Sullivan