Friday, September 18, 2020


Integrity and Honesty

I endorse Linda Erlanger to represent the 3rd District on the RTM. It is now time to vote on Nov. 5 to elect her to continue in the position.

I have known Linda for a decade or more as a friend and woman of integrity and honesty who is focused and disciplined as a businessperson and who is competent and enthusiastically engaged in her community and town. She demonstrates her ability to represent the best interests of the 3rd District and town. She has the talent of knowing how to listen to other viewpoints and then collaborate in making sound decisions. She is a communicator and effective team member. She is a person who has determination to see tasks through.

Linda is committed to Branford’s economic growth and seeing Branford continue to grow as a community where families choose to live and the place to call home. I encourage your readers to be involved, be locally active, vote on Nov. 5, and make their votes count by joinin me to vote for Linda Erlanger for RTM 3rd District representative.

Anne Cahill Kluetsch