Friday, September 25, 2020


Experienced, Stable Leadership

The progress Deep River has made over the past 30 years is visible all around our amazing town. All you need do is take a ride down our Main Street, visit any of our many parks, or shop in our stores to experience the strength of our community. But, progress is not always measured in bricks and mortar: Our “rainy day” (reserve) fund is at its highest in 30 years, and for the first time in a decade, our mill rate remained flat this fiscal year.

That said, Deep River continues to face challenges, some of which we have in common with other small towns in Connecticut and some of which are unique to Deep River. To overcome those challenges, Deep River will need experienced, stable leadership in order to navigate obstacles both internal and external. We will need mature leadership, leadership able to work across political lines to ensure that the whole town prospers, strong leadership that appreciates hard work, service, and a caring for the community that have always been hallmarks of Deep River.

The current, bi-partisan members of the Deep River Board of Selectmen have more than 50 years of combined community service to our town. We are proud of our town’s success and the challenges we have overcome together. We encourage your readers to join us so that together we can continue Deep River’s progress and on Nov. 5, vote for First Selectman Angus McDonald, Selectman Duane Gates, and Selectman Jim Olson. We believe in Deep River.

First Selectman Angus McDonald (D)

Selectman Jim Olson (R)

Selectman Duane Gates (D)

Deep River

The authors are seeking re-election in November.