Friday, September 25, 2020


Experience Leading Education

Sally Greaves as the current vice-chair of the Board of Education (BOE) brings years of service to the town of Westbrook. Her long record is impressive; serving as our town in the past as selectman, treasurer, policeman, and member of the Board of Retirement and currently BOE. Sally brings additional skills to the BOE in finance as a small business owner and as a lawyer and child welfare law specialist. She is invaluable to us—her dedication to our town demonstrates her understanding the privilege of serving our community. I have known her to always act considerately and cooperatively. Sally and her husband have two children in Westbrook’s schools and they are very actively involved in many organizations. I have witnessed their high level of commitment consistently over many years.

We are also fortunate to have the principal of East Lyme High School, Mike Susi join the BOE. Susi brings 25 years in experience in education and his much-needed expertise to the BOE. He knows which questions to ask, which issues are most pressing, and can offer solutions that he has seen at the multiple schools he has administered. As a 20-year resident of Westbrook with his wife, and their three children in our schools, they are committed to preserving all that we love about our town while sustaining the success of our school system.

Westbrook, we are very fortunate to have two outstanding people, so well qualified, experts with the desire to serve the town of Westbrook on the BOE. I hope your readers will join me and vote for democrats Susi and Greaves. They are the two candidates with experience leading education.

I encourage your readers to vote for these fine folks and all our Westbrook Democrats on Nov. 5!

Marie Farrell