Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Enthusiastic and Competent

The 2nd District is fortunate to have three enthusiastic and competent candidates for the election on Nov 5.

Peter Henstscel and Delores (Dee Dee) Hakun are running for the 2nd District’s two positions on the RTM. Peter is an incumbent who has served 5 years on the RTM. Dee Dee is a first-time candidate who has many years of experience working at the polls and wants to serve our district as a member of the RTM.

Ray Dunbar is seeking the selectman’s position. Ray recently retired from the Branford Police Department. He has several years of experience serving on the RTM.

We feel all three candidates have the desire to do what is best for our town. We hope your readers will join us in supporting these candidates on Nov. 5.

Ann Baker
Sue Torre