Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Energy, Patience, and Expertise

My husband Tom Banisch’s energy level has never ceased to amaze me. He’s competed in three marathons and runs almost four miles daily. He often puts in 60-hour work weeks, and has personally visited more than 1,500 Madison households during the campaign season. In addition to his time inside Town Hall and at town meetings, he regularly attends veterans’ events, civic fundraisers, and scout ceremonies; reads to elementary school students; meets with residents about their concerns; and still finds time to be the “Voice of the Tigers” announcing our home football games. When someone stops to talk to him, he never rushes them and listens to what they have to say, believing that every person deserves to be heard.

His energy goes beyond the physical: Tom been a spokesperson for not only Madison but other small towns in Connecticut through his involvement with municipal agencies such as the Council of Governments, Connecticut Council of Small Towns, and the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, holding leadership roles in all.

Tom’s energy, patience, and expertise have served our town well I hope your readers will join me in re-electing him as Madison’s first selectman.

Eileen Banisch