Saturday, September 26, 2020


Devotion, Commitment, and Passion

I wholeheartedly write this letter in support of Peter Criscuolo to be re-elected to the Board of Fire Commissioners on Nov. 5.

Peter has served on the fire commission for 24 years and has served with the greatest devotion, commitment, and passion to assure that all the residents and firefighters remain safe. With his experience, Peter holds the institution history of the fire department. He knows where the fire department has been, the present status and what needs to be done in the future. The breadth and depth of is knowledge of fire policies, apparatus, rescue, and prevention is spectacular.

I encourage your readers to vote for Peter. He is currently a write-candidate. To cast a vote for him, readers should turn to the back side of the ballot, locate column 17, fill in the bubble 17C, then print Peter’s name in the space below the bubble—Pete C or Peter C or P. Criscuolo—some form on his name to make the vote for him count.

I encourage your readers to help him continue his work on the fire commission.

Dorothy Logan
North Haven