Monday, September 21, 2020


Dedication to the Public Trust

It is a pleasure to write a letter of support for my friend John Picard. I have known John for many years both publicly and privately. I served on the West Haven Fire Department during John’s years as mayor of West Haven. I can attest to his work ethic and his dedication to the public trust that was placed in him.

Over the years, I have also had the opportunity to see the private side of John Picard. He is a devoted husband to his wife Tara and one of the best fathers his three children could ever ask for.

John Picard is running for the Board of Finance because he cares about Madison. His financial background makes him extremely qualified to hold this position. None of the above reasons are why your readers should consider voting for John, although they are certainly strong reasons. They should vote for John because he cares. In today’s world, that is something that is missing in politics. John is a decent man with strong values. Isn’t that what we want representing Madison?

I encourage your readers to vote for John Picard on Nov. 5.

Chris Reed