Friday, September 25, 2020


Accountability and Results

Municipal leadership requires a comprehensive understanding of how government functions and the ability to develop teamwork between volunteers and staff to get results. A first selectman must be constantly engaged and demand accountability and results. This requires years of experience. Noel Bishop, as first selectman, constantly challenges us to move beyond what is good to what is great and to realize our full potential as a community.

For example, this past year with the full support of staff and volunteers, more than $1 million was generated through grants. Next year, as a result of his regional leadership on the council of governments, our sidewalk plan will be funded if the federal government releases approximately $900,000 for this project. Noel encourages municipal staff to pursue grants whenever available. All of these outside funding sources of income have been done without adding any new staff.

Additionally, on the recommendations of Troop F, we have restructured policing in Westbrook. One full-time constable will be added to the present eight part-time constables. This new model will eliminate one state trooper, resulting in a savings of more than $125,000 to our taxpayers. Troop F not only supervises all constables, but provides coverage 24/7. According to Troop F, this new reorganization will provide the necessary support we need for policing in Westbrook.

Noel has also obtained the necessary permit to proceed with the re-building of our beach jetties. The first jetty, depending upon the weather, may be completed this November.

These are just some of the initiatives that Noel, staff, and volunteers are addressing; all within our current budget without adding new staff or increasing our mill rate. I encourage your readers to vote for Noel Bishop.

Steve Smith