Tuesday, September 22, 2020


A Wonderful Place

I am Joseph Martin and I am a candidate for the North Branford Town Council. I would have preferred stopping by residents’ homes to say “Hello,” but the sheer time and physical demands makes that almost impossible.

Our children, as well as my former Dairy Queen employees, have grown up and have moved on with their lives, as it should be. They are now the teachers, nurses, lawyers, and professional leaders in today’s business world. Yet, we are still here in North Branford because North Branford is a great town to live in. It certainly was a wonderful place for us to raise a family. North Branford is a town of special people, who quietly take care of each other.

As we all move on with our lives, and our children move on, too, we tend to lose touch with one another.

So I need to call on any and all of my old neighbors, friends, my children’s friends, their parents, and any former Dairy Queen extended family members for their support and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

A town-only election traditionally draws very few voters due to many reasons. We mean to vote, but we simply forget, or it slips our mind, and there is little or no newspaper coverage to help remind us.

So I encourage your readers to mark their calendars as a reminder to go to the polls on Nov. 5.

Joseph P. Martin, Jr.
North Branford

Democrat Joseph P. Martin, Jr., is seeking a seat on the Town Council.