Tuesday, October 27, 2020


A Strong, Ethical Leader

We hope your readers join us in enthusiastically voting for our son, George Pytlik, Jr., for the Westbrook Board of Selectman. We believe in George’s vision for the town and are proud that, at such a young age, he’d chosen to dedicate himself to making Westbrook the best community it can be. George will be a strong, ethical leader for the town and believes in accountability to the citizens.

George brings the best of both worlds in his background: He is a smart and educated young man, but also brings great hands-on skills to any project he does. George has an engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has been an integral part of the operations and strategic planning for Jet Laundrette since he was young. George is currently general contracting the rebuild and is involved at every level, from innovative design to digging dirt. Along the way he has thought outside the box, sought expertise and best practices, built relationships with contractors, and advocated on behalf of the project at local and state government. There is no task that George did not ambitiously take on in the project, and the characteristics and skill sets he applied to this rebuild will also be beneficial in serving as Westbrook’s next selectman.

As a lifelong Westbrook resident, he cares deeply for the town and wants to move the town forward into the future to make his hometown the best it can be for our generation, as we age into retirement, and for the next generation, whom he wants to attract to either stay in or move to Westbrook and build their families. We are excited to pass the torch to the next generation and are confident that he’ll be an excellent addition to the future leadership of Westbrook.

George and Nancy Pytlik