Saturday, July 24, 2021


A Shared Vision

With pride and excitement, I write to ask you, once again, to vote for the team of First Selectman Carl Fortuna, Selectman Scott Giegerich, and Treasurer Bob Fish on November 5th.

Carl Fortuna has effectively led our town as the first selectman for the past eight years. However, it may be more accurately characterized to say he has shared a vision, charted a course, and successfully moved this town forward all while improving our schools, public safety, infrastructure, recreation, the business environment, and town hall. Furthermore, we still enjoy a mill rate that is recognized as one of the lowest in the state.

Carl is patient, deliberate, open-minded, and considerate. He brings key stakeholders to the table to ensure that the town benefits, regardless of the project, issue, or pursuit.

When one looks around Old Saybrook today, one can’t help but see that much is happening. This is not done via happenstance but rather in conjunction with the many boards and commissions filled by volunteers, whom Carl is the first to thank and acknowledge, as each board and commission endeavors to progress based on a cohesive plan.

About me: I am a dad, husband, coach, mentor, friend, and middle school principal. I have served on boards and commissions for all of the 26 years that I have lived here. I spent eight years with the Parks & Recreation Commission prior to serving as a selectman the past eight years.

I wish to continue to serve our town and work with Carl to continue to make Old Saybrook one of the premier towns of all time, I encourage your readers to vote for Carl Fortuna, for Scott Giegerich, and for Bob Fish on Election Day, Nov. 5!

Selectman Scott M. Giegerich (R)
Old Saybrook

Scott Giegerich is seeking re-election in November.