Monday, September 21, 2020


A Great Track Record

We need to stay focused and concentrate on searching for solutions that will define Madison now and beyond. This exercise begins with the selection of first selectman in November. Madison residents will benefit from hearing and knowing about the candidate’s ideas, opinions, and positions on key issues that affect our lives. Residents are interested in knowing the candidate’s views on key issues such as education, fiscal responsibility, plans to diversify revenue sources, taxes, and safety.

In a recent conversation with a former colleague at work, I was happy and proud to share that my family and I live in Madison, and she happily responded “I love Madison.”

Voting for the best candidate is not an easy decision, however, this year’s choice is critical to Madison’s future—more reason to vote for the right person to fight for Madison.

I endorse Tom Banisch as our first selectman because Tom has been vocal on his ideas and solutions on key issues for this great town. In addition, he has a great track record fighting for Madison.

Engage Tom in a conversation and you will quickly see a family man with deep love for Madison, who is humble about his accomplishments (an attribute of a great leader), a good listener (invite him to your house for a chat), and a great team player. He is comfortable sharing and giving credits to people regardless of their political affiliation, another example of great leadership.

Madison needs a humble and proud leader to carry our torch and Tom is that guy. He will fight for Madison.

Manny Alia