Wednesday, January 20, 2021


A Deep Understanding

It has been a privilege to serve as Chester’s selectman for the past four years. First Selectman Lauren Gister and I’ve been committed to working with and for everyone in the town of Chester in an open and collaborative spirit, regardless of party affiliation. As a former owner of the Lunch Box for more than 28 years, I’ve built many meaningful relationships with Chester residents and am well versed in the history and life cycles of our town. I’ve served on numerous boards, commissions, and committees and my volunteer service prepared me well for my service as selectman. Both Lauren Gister and I have a deep understanding of Chester’s values and managing the town’s day to day operations

Working with Lauren Gister has been a privilege as she is truly dedicated, as am I, to caring for the needs of our fellow residents and town. Fiscal responsibility is one of our top priorities, as is the safety and wellbeing of all of our neighbors. Chester is a special place to live, raise a family, and retire in, and we are dedicated to balancing its traditions with innovative ideas to protect its uniqueness and natural environment.

Together, we’re committed to maintaining our small town’s character as the guiding principle for Chester’s future. Supporting existing and new businesses that fit with our values, as well as maintaining the quality of town roads, buildings, and public safety services is also our priority. Our knowledge and experience makes the two of us ideally suited to work with the regional school district and the State of Connecticut to try to minimize the financial impact of increasing costs and taxes.

I respectfully ask for your readers’ continued support and vote for both Lauren and me, and the entire team of Democratic candidates on Nov. 5.

Selectman Charlene Janecek (D)

Charlene Janecek is seeking re-election in November.