Saturday, July 24, 2021


Will Do the Best Job

There are approximately 9,000 eligible voters in Clinton, yet only about 3,000 vote in local elections. This is backwards, since who’s elected locally effects you far more than who is president. Of those 3,000, I guess few really know the candidates well. I know many of the candidates very well as I’ve observed them, worked with them, campaigned with them, and disagreed with some. With this familiarity, I’ve decided I have the gall to endorse several without permission.

First let’s look at the big picture. The two major parties have controlled Clinton for decades with mixed results at best. Due to town charter, each of those parties are guaranteed a minority position, no matter how poorly they do at the polls. For example, if there are seven seats up for election, the losing party is guaranteed three seats. However when a third party runs candidates as the Green Party is doing this year, the public has a real choice, which can break the major party stranglehold. On our ballot, Democrats are on line 1, Republicans on line 2, and Greens on line 3. There are two petitioning candidates below that.

My endorsements for your readers’ consideration are made regardless of party and based on who I believe will do the best job for Clinton. For a four-year Town Council seat, they are Christine Goupil, Jack Scherban, Dennis Donovan, and Eric Bergman. For a two-year council seat, they are Tim Guerra, Dennis Donovan, and Eric Bergman. (Yes, you may vote for some candidates twice.) For Board of Education, candidates are Jason Adler, Jason Feeney, and John May. On Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC), they are Alan Kravitz, Martin Jaffe, Ed Alberino, and James Connolly; for PZC Alternate, Wayne Buchanan. For Zoning Board of Appeals, I endorse George Doerrer and Aldea Savva.

Selectman Phil Sengle (R)

Philip Sengle is a Green Party candidate for the Police Commission.