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10/23/2019 08:00 AM

To Ensure Fiscal Stability

Recently there has been a bit of confusing information circulating regarding our town’s financing and capital planning. As an incumbent selectman, and as a champion for strong and transparent fiscal planning, I felt it important to clarify to the taxpayers how their money is carefully managed.

Killingworth maintains a 10-year rolling capital plan that is a matter of public record. Each year this plan is evaluated and projects are selected, deferred, added, and deleted based on priority including the input from all branches of our government and committees as well as input from the public.

Working closely with our Board of Finance, our current government leadership led by our first selectman, Cathy Iino, has ensured that a surplus of financial reserves is maintained. This reserve has routinely been called upon to offset unforeseen expenses or losses of revenue in order to minimize or avoid any impact to the taxpayers of the town.

In parallel, our first selectman leveraged her contacts with local, state, and national representatives to advocate for minimizing the proposed state funding cuts, at which she was largely successful.

Killingworth has a well-planned capital program with built in contingency to ensure fiscal stability for our town that was well communicated to the taxpayers. Further, our first selectman, Cathy Iino, demonstrated the leadership to take on our state to ensure that our precious tax dollars do not only stay in Killingworth but also that the additional state funding due to Killingworth remains in place.

Selectman Lou Annino, Jr. (D)


Lou Annino, Jr., is seeking re-election in November.