Saturday, September 26, 2020


Positive Solutions and Suggestions

I am writing today to endorse Nancy Barrett, a Democratic candidate for Board of Finance.

This is Nancy’s first run for public office, but for those who have been following public meetings on local TV, Nancy should be a very familiar face. Nancy has been an active and dedicated speaker at Board of Education, Board of Finance, Board of Selectmen, and Town meetings for many years. She began her town involvement as an advocate for effective, yet accountable education.

Nancy has always impressed me with her preparedness, intelligence, and thorough analysis of the issues at hand. She always offers positive solutions and suggestions.

Nancy has the education and work experience that would make her a valuable addition to our Board of Finance. We need people on the Board of Finance who will make data-driven decisions to best meet the needs of our town. I know Nancy, and I am confident she will do exactly that; she will work tirelessly to give us the best town services at the lowest possible cost. On Nov. 5, I encourage your readers to vote for Nancy Barrett.

Selectman Sally J. Buemi
North Haven

Democrat Sally J. Buemi is seeking re-election in November.