Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Back into the Fray

I believe voters in the 2nd District deserve a quick explanation as to my decision to be on the ballet on Nov. 5. After the mayoral primary loss, I told myself and my friends that I was through with politics.

But it wasn’t long after the primary that Steve Tracey made direct contact with me and wanted to talk about putting aside any qualms or differences we had and wanted me to consider being on his ticket and run for a seat on the Town Council to represent the 2nd District. He made some good points in this request. He stated that my background in finance and my experience with the Board of Finance could help him in putting together a workable budget by being on the Town Council.

East Haven can quickly fall back to the days of over-spending and excessive bonding, which would result in large tax increases. Members of the Town Council are charged with approving a workable budget and my experience could help him maintain a budget that is good far everyone.

Thus, I found myself agreeing to join the Tracey ticket and make a run for a seat on the Town Council representing all voters, no matter what their political beliefs are.

Even though I told myself I was done with politics, my desire to make East Haven a better place never faded. There are concerns in the 2nd District that will need to be dealt with and done so evenly, disregarding politics and Tracey can use my help in that end.

So, now you know why I was drawn back into the political fray.

Sal Maltese
East Haven

Republican Sal Maltese is running for a 2nd District Town Council representative seat.