Saturday, July 24, 2021


Another Opportunity for Us

Please do not make me a three time loser, or for that matter the Town of Clinton.

Over the past few decades I have served on the campaign committees of two candidates and supported them vigorously. One was Hugh Adams, a man with impeccable credentials, the strongest of which was his fiscal acuity. The second was Kirk Carr, again one with superb credentials and years of fiscal expertise in a major U.S. corporation. In both cases, the ignorance of party politics rose up and neither was elected. Each time my rallying cry was that these two men were “an opportunity” for Clinton.

This time around, as we elect a new Town Council, I am recommending a person whom I consider as another opportunity for us.

She was born with Democratic blood in her veins but elected to run as an independent. Why? Because no one loves our town more than she, no one can claim more town service than she, and because she wants to use her fiscally conservative knowledge for our benefit.

I strongly suggest that your readers think outside the box of politics and elect Jane Scully Welch as a Town Council member.

Raymond J. Bovich