Tuesday, September 22, 2020


A Strong Advocate

I’m writing in support of my daughter-in-law Kimberly Glassman, a Democratic candidate for Town Council in East Haven’s 1st District.

Kim married my son James Albis just over four years ago, but my husband and I first met her several years earlier. In both her personal and professional life, Kim demonstrates her empathy for others and her willingness to help those in need. At work, she advocates diligently on behalf of the union workers in her organization. And, though she is on several boards and involved in other organizations, she always finds time for family.

Kim adores my husband’s and my 90-plus-year-old mothers, whom she calls and visits and often includes in family events. Her innate fairness has made her become a person to whom other family members turn for advice, as my daughter Katy has done regarding work-related issues. She shows her empathy in ways large and small, from helping family members in times of need to giving the most creative—and most coveted—holiday gifts in the family, always figuring out gifts people would like that they never would have thought of for themselves.

Most of all, I know Kim as the loving and supportive wife of my son James. When James was running for the 99th Assembly District as representative, Kim was by his side regularly. If he was wary about how things were going, she was there to bolster his spirits.

Our family gatherings are enhanced by Kim’s presence; her wit, her kindness, her strong sense of self, and her interest in helping others make her the ideal daughter-in-law. I’m certain that her knowledge, experience, and ease in communicating with all will forge a strong advocate for our district on the Town Council. I encourage your readers to vote for Kimberly Glassman on Nov. 5.

Jacqueline Albis
East Haven