Saturday, October 31, 2020


Spending Wisely

My name is Bill Cummings and I am running for the Board of Finance for the Town of Westbrook. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I am running for this office.

I have been lucky. I was lucky when I married my wife Susan, who is from Old Saybrook, and had two great kids Jocelyne and Bill, Jr. I have been lucky enough to have had family live on the shoreline my entire life and now I live on the shoreline, where I spent portions of many summers growing up as a child. I moved to Westbrook with my wife in 2016 from the town of Preston where I served on the Preston Redevelopment Agency. During my career, I have always stayed involved in local organizations and am a past member of the Old Saybrook/Westbrook Exchange Club.

Currently, I work for Hocon Gas as the vice president of operations and the Diamond Landscape Group as a vice president. I worked for Amerigas for 15 years as a director of special projects on a national level and, after 10 years in Killingworth as the district manager, I decided to stay closer to home and joined Hocon in 2009. Throughout my career, I have managed to budgets, worked as a project manager, and maintained consistent deliverables each year.

I’m running for the Westbrook Board of Finance because I believe my experiences as a businessman have provided me with the necessary skills to ensure the Town of Westbrook is spending wisely and our costs are kept as low as possible while ensuring services are met. I’ve spent a career doing that. I’m asking for your readers’ votes on Nov. 5, as well as for Jim Dahl, who is also running for the Board of Finance.

Bill Cummings

Republican Bill Cummings is seeking a seat on the Board of Finance.