Saturday, September 26, 2020


Functions Well for Citizens

Every two years, we elect our local government. Our town government likely has far more impact on our lives than either the state or federal does. We may read and hear more about the state and federal government, largely because they are a mess. Both have overspent, over promised, and have a complete inability to get things done. This hurts all of us.

That’s why when we come home at the end of the day, or when we are on our weekends off, we want to live in a place that is not as chaotic, a place that functions well for its citizens. I feel strongly that Old Saybrook fits that characterization. We have a great quality of life; we have had improvements all around us; we have great open space for hiking; and we have lots of terrific recreational opportunities. And we have a government that functions and that speaks volumes about First Selectman Carl Fortuna, Selectman Scott Giegerich, and Treasurer Bob Fish. They have led this town with integrity and honesty and, quite frankly, with a keen eye towards civility and bipartisanship. This has indeed been to the benefit of all residents of the Town of Old Saybrook.

We also have the opportunity to vote for highly experienced finance committee members Carol Rzasa, Tom Stevenson, and Rick Swan; and for the Police Commission, Carl Von Dassel, Susan Quish, Jeff Jordan, and Joe Maselli. These candidates are well qualified to team with Carl to continue to make Old Saybrook a great place to live. I encourage your readers to vote Nov. 5.

Karina Julius
Old Saybrook

Republican Karina Julius is seeking re-election to the Board of Education.