Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Everything is Political

I’d like to thank all East Haven residents who have joined the East Haven Politics Facebook group since June 2019. This social media platform helps residents understand the workings of town government. I encourage all voters to attend town meetings, meet candidates, and go to fundraisers.

With more than 432 members, the East Haven Politics group is giving members space to express opinions about the state of the town, town issues, future plans, and upcoming elections. I believe there can be dialogue about local politics, no matter your party denomination. Civil discourse is what makes our democracy spectacular. Public elected officials must be critiqued by constituents.

Every election will have high emotional discharge. Why? Because we are human, we are emotional beings. We must continue to search for truth, demand accountability and transparency. Increasing voter turnout matters, including the younger generation and new families will impact results. Many people do not like to talk about politics. Everything is political. Politics affects everything we do each day from safety, home ownership, education, taxation, access to resources irrespective of social class, age, race, and sex. By being able to agree to disagree, residents are finding their commonality: to want a better East Haven with the best services and opportunities for our residents.

I am most proud of all members that have taken the extra effort to put words into civic engagement by participating in public comment sessions regarding town issues, education issues, zoning issues, and donating to local non-profit organizations. One person makes a difference every day! Our votes count in our community more than ever. I encourage your readers to vote Nov. 5.

Lorena Venegas
East Haven