Saturday, October 31, 2020


Beyond the Old Ways

A fresh perspective, focused energy, a passionate commitment, and a proven ability to achieve results are the hallmarks of Hiram Fuchs’s campaign to be Westbrook’s next first selectman. Mr. Fuchs is a husband, father of two young children, an economist by education, a sworn state marshal, and a successful former small business owner. In addition, he has a master’s degree in education with a history concentration that he skillfully employs to communicate complex ideas in a concise, understandable manner.

Hiram Fuchs is not an idealogue. He’s a problem solver who uses common sense and solid research techniques to offer positive options for addressing issues. Westbrook has several choices facing the community in the near future. How do we retain the characteristics we love about our town while facing the economic realities of the 21st century? We know the challenges for retail outlets in a surging digital economy. We recognize the dramatic changes unfolding in the manufacturing sector. How do we entice young people to come, or stay, in Westbrook to add to our overall vitality? These all pale, however, in the face of sea level rise that threatens the economic lifeblood of our tourist economy.

Hiram Fuchs has practical, fiscally prudent, and carefully researched thoughts about all these formidable issues. I encourage voters to investigate Mr. Fuchs’s ideas, to look beyond the old ways of doing business, and to reinvigorate and revitalize our community as we move forward creating an even better Westbrook for us all.

Jim Crawford