Saturday, October 31, 2020


Will Really Listen

Earlier this year, Governor Ned Lamont proposed legislation that would have forced our local school districts to regionalize into much larger districts. These types of decisions should be left to our local elected officials and not to bureaucrats at the state level, so it’s essential we have members of the Board of Education who will work to represent the interests of Westbrook residents, and not outside influences from the state.

Mike Esposito and Christne Kuehlewind will stand up for Westbrook’s schools and work to ensure our students receive the best education and that decisions are made locally by the people who know our town and schools the best.

Mike has long been involved with the community with Parks & Recreation and Buddy Baseball. He will always put our local needs first and stand up for parents, students, teachers, and taxpayers.

Christine is an education consultant who has worked on providing assistance to school districts of varying sizes. She truly understands what works and what doesn’t work and will bring that knowledge to the Board of Education.

As a teacher and a parent of a Westbrook high school student, I feel both Christine and Mike will really listen. Having met and spoken with both of them, it is clear they understand the importance of a good education system.

Mike and Christine will be assets to the Westbrook Board of Education and will do what’s best for Westbrook. I hope your readers will join me in supporting them on Nov. 5.

Amy Heilmann