Saturday, October 31, 2020


The Voices Westbrook Needs

As the cost-of-living in the State of Connecticut continues to rise, it is important that we have financially conscious and experienced people on Westbrook’s Board of Finance. Jim Dahl and Bill Cummings are the candidates running who most fit that description.

Jim Dahl currently sits on the Board of Finance and voters should elect him to continue serving. As a healthcare administrator, Jim understands how to operate the business operations of large medical organizations like hospitals and nursing homes. In this role, Jim has to meet budgets and also ensure that patients receive quality care. As a Board of Finance member, Jim knows he has to be fiscally responsible, while also ensuring our quality of life is strong—not much different from his day job.

In the private sector, Bill Cummings manages two companies as vice president, so he has firsthand knowledge about balancing budgets and being prudent on spending. He is deeply involved in his companies’ day-to-day operations, where he must ensure quality service to his customers, while also making sure his company is fiscally responsible. He will bring this experience to the board and will be a positive, strong addition.

Both Jim and Bill are the voices that Westbrook needs on the Board of Finance. Their private-sector business experience is unmatched and they will closely monitor budgets to ensure Westbrook taxpayers are heard. I encourage your readers to join me in voting for Jim Dahl and Bill Cummings on Nov. 5.

Matthew Schenck