Friday, September 18, 2020


Providing Prudent Services

I am writing this letter because I don’t want East Haven to follow Connecticut’s tax-and-spend lead. Most of us in East Haven remember having lived through the four years that the Democrats were running East Haven under April Capone. I say running, not leading, because they were running East Haven into the ground. Let’s not forget that they couldn’t spend our money fast enough. They went through our $5 million rainy day fund and then put us in an additional $5 million in debt. It took years for us to finally get out of that hole. Now I see the East Haven Democrat candidates running for office proposing all kinds of expensive projects. I guess that it does not matter if they are a national, state, or local Democrat; tax and spending is in their blood.

I am honored to be running on “Big” Steve Tracey’s Republican slate. I know that Steve and the Republicans will spend the town’s money as if it was their own while providing prudent services to all. This is how I led when I was previously on the Town Council.

I am a candidate for Town Council in District 3 and I encourage everyone to vote for “Big” Steve Tracey and all the Republican candidates on Row B, because we can’t afford another Democrat-controlled Town Hall.

Bill Richardson
East Haven

Republican Bill Richardson is seeking a District 3 seat on the Town Council.