Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Making Smart Decisions

Old Saybrook is a terrific town. With the Connecticut River on one side and Long Island Sound on the other, what’s not to like? Take a closer look though, and you’ll see much more. You’ll see community leaders like First Selectman Carl Fortuna, Selectman Scott Giegerich, and treasurer Bob Fish making smart decisions and working tirelessly to ensure our hard-earned tax dollars are wisely spent. You’ll see unsung volunteers serving on committees like the Police Commission and the finance board. These board and commission members are our friends and neighbors and they use nothing more than their personal talents, thoughtfulness, and a little common sense to tackle Old Saybrook’s challenges.

The beaches make our town beautiful, but it’s the community leaders and volunteers who make it special. I decided it’s time to give back to the little shore town I’ve grown to love and I am currently seeking a seat on the Police Commission.

My approach can be summed up with one word: respect. First, respect for the Old Saybrook Police Department. The police have a very difficult job to do and our officers conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism. As a member of the Police Commission, I will do likewise. Second, respect for the Old Saybrook taxpayer. We should all be able to sleep at night knowing that our safety and security is being provided in a fiscally sound manner. As a member of the Police Commission, I will ask the tough questions and never hesitate to point out wasteful spending.

I encourage everyone to vote on Nov. 5. I hope your readers will consider re-electing Carl Von Dassel and electing Susan Quish, Joe Maselli, and Jeff Jordan to the Old Saybrook Police Commission.

Jeff Jordan
Old Saybrook

Republican Jeff Jordan is seeking a seat on the Police Commission.