Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Interested and Active

As a resident of Old Saybrook for the last five years and the vice chair of the Zoning Commission for the last four, I remain a very interested and active member of our community. My family and I have greatly benefited from this town over the years and we aim to give back as much as we can. Old Saybrook is not only charming and full of great restaurants and family events, but is also a well-run and fiscally responsible town. I ask for your readers’ votes on Nov. 5 for re-election to the Zoning Commission.

I am writing to support the re-election of Carl Fortuna to first selectman. Carl Fortuna has proved his ability to effectively and ambitiously run the town of Old Saybrook over the last eight years through his impact to provide an improved quality of life and lead with honor and integrity while achieving cost-effective results. In addition to Carl Fortuna, I support voting for Scott Giegerich to selectman and Bob Fish to treasure.

To the Police Commission, I support the election of the team of Carl Von Dassel, Jeff Jordan, Joseph Maselli, and Susan Quish. I believe this team will provide the leadership and direction on the Police Commission and effectively manage the process.

To the Board of Finance, I support the election of the team of Tom Stevenson, Carol Rzasa, and Rick Swan. I believe this team will continue to lead our town toward fiscal responsibility and while professionally asking the questions to keep town costs to a minimum so we continue to live in a well-managed and fiscally responsible environment.

Mark Caldarella
Old Saybrook

Republican Mark Caldarella is seeking re-election to the Zoning Commission.