Friday, September 18, 2020


Experience and Proven Success

I’m writing in full support of Cathy Iino to continue to serve as Killingworth’s first selectman. Cathy is by far the most qualified candidate for the position. We should all view this election as the opportunity to make sure we hire the right person to lead our town. We need to choose the candidate with the most experience and proven success in the position.

Cathy demonstrates that she can keep the town moving forward without losing the qualities that make Killingworth special, while keeping the budget under tight control. Cathy works with volunteers, residents, and elected officials throughout the state to support all of Killingworth’s residents.

Consider the candidate’s background and related experience. Throughout the 23 years Cathy has lived in Killingworth, she has volunteered on many boards and committees. She served on the Board of Finance and one term as selectman before serving as our first selectman.

Cathy’s earlier successful career in communications is evident in the way she creatively connects with residents. She reaches out through email notifications, columns in local publications, and regular coffees at local breakfast places.

Review the candidate’s references. Congressman Joe Courtney called Cathy “a huge benefit to the people of Killingworth.” Cathy’s fellow municipal leaders unanimously elected her chair of our regional council of governments. Killingworth voters have chosen her over and over to lead our town.

We must be sure the candidate is truly passionate about, and committed to, the job. Cathy dedicates her days, nights, and weekends to the town. Whether it’s an official town function or local volunteer event, Cathy’s there to show her support for our residents. And she constantly looks for new ways to keep our town strong.

I encourage your readers to vote for Cathy on Nov. 5. She’s clearly the right person to lead our town.

Carolyn Anderson

Democrat Carolyn Anderson is seeking a seat on the Board of Assessment Appeals.