Sunday, September 27, 2020


Disband the Police Commission

How ironic that the Old Saybrook Police Commission, which oversees public services and safety, conducts meeting that violate taxpayers’ civil rights to express concerns under public comments. The chairman and commissioners under Robert Rules of Order must listen to the public comments—the public has the right to make critical and harsh remarks. Members of the public do not have the right to disrupt the meeting. However, mere words most likely don’t constitute a disruption in themselves.

I encourage Old Saybrook taxpayers to watch the Old Saybrook Police Commission Youtube video of Sept. 23, in which during public comments a taxpayer was ruled by Chairman Carl Von Dassel as disruptive without explanation and escorted out by two police officers.

A confrontational atmosphere at the meeting erupted concerning Commissioner Renee Shipee. When Commissioner Ken Reid demanded that she, an elected official, resign demonstrated a lack of courtesy, respect, and decorum for another commissioner.

I believe it is time for the Old Saybrook taxpayers to have a town meeting to discuss disbanding the police commission so that the taxpayers voices can be represented not just the Old Saybrook Police Department and the Old Saybrook Police Union.

Eleanor Susan LaPlace
Old Saybrook